REEL 25 [DAT 13]

Vienna/ Nussdorf March 21/75

A [*See Commentary for IDs & Durations]

1-5. BEETHOVEN GANG, continuing walk - stop sequence along the path to Beethoven's bust; a nearby playground, on to Beethoven's bust, and ending with the ambience in grove of deciduous trees by Beethoven ruhe.

mark * plane overhead [14:33 & 34:34]

mark * "Pass nur auf dass Deine Eier nicht zerschlagen" (Watch out that you don't break your eggs! - says mother to child) [22:03]

mark * cars passing and gusts of wind form interesting sequence together. [24:50]

mark * sounds like carpet beating (gusts of wind obscure the attacks, so could also be hammering). [42:11]



1. Footsteps stop and start. Sometimes interesting transitions when mic is turned toward water, then turned away to continue walk. Lots of wind in mic. Sometimes gusts of wind coincide with cars passing, very strange effect. [ID 1 0:12]

2. Again, cars and mopeds passing. Streetsweeper often gets masked by wind in mic. Distant voices sound eerie in wind ambience. [ID 2 19:43]

4. Good take. Hardly any wind in mic. [ID 3 23:00]

5. Closer to trees. Gusts of wind form ambience of whole tape and give every sound an eerie atmosphere. [ID 4 32:58]