REEL 26 [DAT 13]

Vienna, Austria March 21/75

A [ID 5 46:51]

1. FIREHALL COMMUNICATIONS ROOM, conversation with guide

mark * chime signal indicating alarm (sounds very much like an old clock, not very alarming). [51:34 & 52:26]

[ID 6 56:04 & ID 7 1:04:56]

2 & 3. CONVERSATION in Firehall museum.

March 22/75

B [ID 8 1:04:56]

4. TRAIN STATION, Westbahnhof, on train as it leaves the station.

C [ID 9 1:10:05]

Salzburg, Austria

5. CATHEDRAL BELLS, starting with recordist walking out of guesthouse toward Domplatz. Pause as bells begin, then continues to Domplatz (bells distort) and across to a more favourable recording site.

D [ID 10 1:18:58]

6. CHURCH BELLS, 6:45 pm, from the Hohensalzburg Fortress

mark * first church bell, followed by cathedral bells (see complementary Uher recording #27 take 4). [1:22:20]

E [ID 11 1:28:30]

7. OLD WATER WELL in courtyard of Fortress, pumping water.



4. Begins with train at standstill, continuing as it pulls out, interesting change of ambience as train passes varying cityscape formations.

5. Interesting natural fade in as recordist approaches bells; levels were too high however, due to the rushed circumstances, to prevent bells from distorting.

6. Uneventful.

7. Very clear recording; banging sound is the pump lever knocking against metal housing each time it was pumped.