REEL 30 [DAT 15]

Trento, Italy March 26/75

A [ID 1 0:08]

1. CHURCH BELLS (cathedral) from hotel window.

B [ID 2 3:28]

2. BASILICA BELLS, from hotel window.

C [ID 3 8:00]

3. RAIN in hotel courtyard, from window.

Cembra, Italy March 28/75

D [ID 4 22:39] & [ID 5 33:52]

4,5. RAIN AND THUNDER, from Albergo windows.

mark * distant thunder. [26:58]

mark * closer thunder. [30:56]

mark * more thunder. [33:52]

E [ID 6 34:34]

6. ALBERGO AMBIENCE, descending stairs, pausing at each landing, on way to dining room.

[ID 7 41:51]

7. mark * ALBERGO AMBIENCE, moving into dance room, sitting down at a table. [41:51]



1. Early morning bells, fair distance away, but little interference from town (2 cars passing).

2. Bells close by; bit clangy; lowest and highest bell are 6th apart, beautiful effect. Note nice decay of bells at end of this sequence.

3. Very clear rain sounds. It's pouring onto stone or concrete. Occasional car passing.

4. Rainstorm. Very different atmosphere than above (take 3). Raindrops muted, falling on softer surface. Good Thunders!

5. Levels suddenly much higher, including last thunder.

6. Juke box with heavy bass. Nice ambience change when walking into dining room. Bass still audible underneath dining room ambience.

7. Juke box playing.