REEL 37 [DAT 16]

Cembra, Italy March 30/75

A [ID 8 45:17]

1. [10:00]

Church bells open - cowbell sounding

bell fades away birds become clear (rooster faintly)

faint drips of water

man whistling

[ID 9 56:01]

2. [3:00]

opens with bell again, joined by other bells

more music sounding

bells stop, motorbike pulls up and stops 3:00

[ID 10 58:48]

3. [9:30]

8:00 a.m. Easter Sunday

water dripping, faint birds - general ambience

occasional distant car passes quickly

car starts 21:15

[ID 11 1:07:36]

4. [4:30]

dripping eaves

man whistling, then stops and footsteps begin

27:02 child cackles, whistling, footsteps, dog barks, car passes

[ID 12 1:13:13]

5. [6:00]

child running

female voices, singing

child singing

car drives up

door opening, going into lobby briefly

31:03 car starts, drives off past microphone

very faintly hear singing from church

[ID 13 1:19:20]

6. whistling off and on throughout take

various vehicles pass by

birds and dripping

running steps

9:00 a.m.

voices - male

boy calls out to another

40:00 boy calls out to another

various muffled voices in background

crowd is getting larger as people collect themselves, then get into their cars and drive off