REEL 38 [DAT 20]

Cembra, Italy March 30/75


Photo 105

[ID 1 0:11]

1. [22:12]

idling engine

light rain

muffled voices

whistling on and off throughout take

4:32 confusion of voices

footstep on wet slushy pavement

6:09 car pulls up close to mike

continuous ambience of voices of all ages

some pieces clearer than others as people pass closer to the mike

7:50 church bells start up

bells reduce most ambience to a quiet hum

children screaming take over the bells as they slow to a stop

traffic and voice take over the ambience again -- lots of car doors and footsteps

18:05 footsteps inside lobby briefly

[ID 2 22:54]

2. [10:38]

10:00 a.m.

general ambience of voices, footsteps and vehicles pulling up and parking or starting and leaving

30:25 all quiet except for the rain and the birds are audible again

[ID 3 33:24]

3. [34:30]

opens with confusion of voices (3 min) and car nearby

11:00 a.m. - faint siren in background

"first one in Europe"

car horn 36:00

second siren 36:43 close by 38:30

whistling starts up again then excitement again as siren starts up again

42:16 boys imitating alto opera otherwise general ambience

44:51 car with bad squeal

singing, laughing at end.