The camp beneath the elms is far away. Yet memories linger on, and that last long haunting cry rings often in our ears.

We sometimes hear it in the storm, and in the still of evening; at dawn in the song of birds, and in the melancholy calling of a loon, half-heard and distant in the night. It wails in the minor cadences of an Indian chant, and swells in the deep notes of an organ played softly by a master hand; it mutters in the sound of sleepy streams, and murmurs in the rumour of the river, in the endless tolling of the waves upon a lake-shore - each and every one a note from the composite of Nature's harmony, chords struck at random from the mighty Symphony of the Infinite that echoes forever on, down the resounding halls of Time.

Grey Owl, Pilgrims of the Wild, Peter Davies, London, 1935, p.163-164.

TIME: ca. 1930

PLACE: Northern Ontario or Quebec

CIRCUMSTANCE: Grey Owl describes how he hears again the cry of the two beavers who have disappeared.



... the pageant of the far-off Height of Land - the trooping forest swaying, swinging ever to the Northward, rows of shrouded trees, like spectres standing on parade, that loomed beside the trail in the light of the Aurora, where caravans of snowshoemen marched as in an avenue of ghosts, their toboggans singing shrilly of the frozen trail behind them; or where single silent hunters stalked grimly on, alone.

Grey Owl, Pilgrims of the Wild, Peter Davies, London, 1935, p. 209.

TIME: ca. 1930

PLACE: near Cabano, Quebec

CIRCUMSTANCE: scenes of the North Country