The boy heard two birds' voices as brown wings climbed through the branches and the white wings before him fluttered on the sea waves...I'll run you to the sea, she said, and her breasts jumped up and down as she raced in front of him, with her hair flying wild, to the edge of the sea that was not made of water and the small, thundering pebbles that broke in a million pieces as the dry sea moved in.

Dylan Thomas, 'A Prospect of the Sea,' from Adventures in the Skin Trade, New Directions, 1964, p. 123-124.

TIME: 19th or 20th c.?

PLACE: Wales

CIRCUMSTANCE: a boy meets a girl by the sea



The feathers crackled from the birds and drifted down and fell upon bare rods and stalks that fenced the island entrance, the rods and stalks grew into trees with musical leaves still burning. The history of the boat was spelt in knocking water on the hanging harbour bank; each syllable of his adventure struck on grass and stone and rang out in the passages of the disturbed rock plants and was chattered from flame to tree..

Dylan Thomas, 'An Adventure from a Work in Progress,' from Adventures in the Skin Trade, New Directions, 1964, p. 149.

TIME: 19th or 20th c.?

PLACE: the tropics

CIRCUMTANCE: a boat at anchor



Three tinkers appeared out of silence by the chapel wall. Capel Cader, said the panman. Parson is down on tinkers, said John Bucket. Cader Peak, said the scissor-man, and up they went. They passed the midwife close; she heard the scissors clacking, and the branch of a tree-drum on the buckets ... Dance, dance, my strange man, the seven cried. John Bucket joined them, his buckets drumming, and swiftly they dragged him into the rising fury of the dance ... She drove them to a faster turn of foot; giddy as weathercocks in a hundred changing winds, they were revolving figures in the winds of their dresses and to the music of the scissors and the metal pans...

Dylan Thomas, 'The School for Witches,' from Adventures in the Skin Trade, New Directions 1964, p. 155 & 158.

TIME: Indeterminate

PLACE: Wales

CIRCUMSTANCE: three tinkers have been drawn into a black mass at the school for witches