...he would listen to the invisible orchestra, the roundelay of the frenzied insects circling in a sunbeam around a scented pine, the trumpeting of the mosquitos, the organ notes of the wasps, the brass of the wild bees humming like bells in the tops of the trees, and the godlike whispering of the swaying trees, the sweet moaning of the wind in the branches, the soft whispering of the waving grass, like a breath of wind rippling the limpid surface of a lake, like the rustling of a light dress and lovers' footsteps coming nearer, and passing, then lost upon the air. He heard all the sounds and cries within himself.

Romain Rolland, Jean-Christophe, trans. Gilbert Cannan, Holt,1910, p. 255.

TIME: mid-19th C.

PLACE: a village on the Rhine in Germany

CIRCUMSTANCE: Christophe listens to the sounds around him



The oaths of the drivers, the horns and bells of the trams, made a deafening noise. The roar, the clamor, the smell of it all, struck fearfully on the mind and heart of Christophe.

Romain Rolland, Jean-Christophe, trans. Gilbert Cannan, Holt, 1910, p. 5, vol. 2.

TIME: latter half of the l9th c.

PLACE: Paris

CIRCUMSTANCE: city sounds