Faint sounds rose up in spirals up the well of the stairs; the swish of a mop; tapping, knocking; a loudness when the front door opens; a voice repeating a message in the basement; the chink of silver on a tray; clean silver for the party.

Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway, p. 43

TIME: 1920's

PLACE: London, England.



A sound interrupted him; a frail quivering sound, a voice bubbling up without direction, vigour, beginning or end, running weakly and shrilly and with an absence of all human meaning into- ee um Fah um so Foo swee too eem oo - the voice of no age or sex, the voice of an ancient spring sprouting from the earth; which issued, just opposite Regent's Park Tube Station, from a tall quivering shape like a funnel, like a rusty pump, like a wind-beaten tree, forever barren of leaves which lets the wind run up and down its branches singing-ee um Fah um so Foo swee too eem oo, and rocks and creaks and moans in the eternal breeze.

Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway, p. 90.



So she sewed, When she sewed, he thought, she made a sound like a kettle on the hob; bubbling, murmuring, always busy...

Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway, p.159.

TIME: 1920's.

PLACE: London, England.