1. Bell Ringer Warm Up, 1:27

Photo 1487, Photo 1489, Photo 1490, Photo 1492, Photo 1493, Photo 1494, Photo 1495

2. Peal take I, 56:42

Photo 1497, Photo 1501

3. Peal take II, 34:30

4. Peal take III, 1:04:22

5. Interview with Damian, 27:30


6. Inside the Ringing Chamber, 36:37

Photo 1533, Photo 1534, Photo 1535

7. Sunday Mass, 13:56

Photo 1536, Photo 1537, Photo 1538


1. Test take - for both me and the ringers.

2. Track ID @ intro, water fountain sound in the background, voices, bells test begins again at around 1:00, 1:30 helicopter overhead, 7:43 ringing begins!, 16:56 loud car passes, sporadic voices of people near me - several people are gathered there to listen to the bells, loud car at 23:33, a generally wind-still evening (perfect!), I think there are a few mistakes by the ringers happening at around 55:30, they stop at 55:40 for the first time, track ID (it's 6:48pm at this point), *I stopped recording here to create a new track for the next leg of the peal.

3. Voices of people scattered about the park and water fountain - some of whom are there to listen to the bells, horn honks at 1:54 and 2:28, faint conversation begins between several people about the bells at 2:00, loud car passes at 3:30, "they're taking a break" at 5:30, bells begin at 8:40 and test til 9:00 (it's now 6:58pm), they begin the next leg at 9:30, loud cars pass at 10:55, 11:30, 11:57, at 19:58 - a South Asian motorcycle gang going south on Richards pulls up to the stop light and three or four of them receive a ticket for not wearing helmets (!!!), police indicator at 20:08 and 20:22 (to signal to the motorcyclists to stop), motorcycles leave at 31:40, bell ringers get out of synch at 33:10 and stop again at 33:23, 33:50 = 7:23pm, 34:24 Track ID.

4. Last leg, loud car at 8:48, water fountain as keynote, voices at 9:28, testing bells begins at 12:36 and again at 14:14, bells begin at 15:48, motorcycle at 29:45, 6:21 = 7:30pm, 1:02:24 - bells finish ringing, audience applauds, dog barks, 1:02:44 = 8:26pm, 1:03:35 Damian (a gentleman who's been listening to the event since it started) approaches me and asks if I would like something to eat from Starbucks, he says there's one more leg, but in fact the ringing was complete, track ID @ 1:04:16.

5. Track ID @ intro - I wrongly assume more ringing, Damian arrives at 12:40.

6. Recorded in the ringing chamber with the bell ringers, it begins with the ringers chatting, preparing to ring, 1:13 they begin ringing, lead ringer calls out instructions, first round ends at around 9:00, there are some ringers there that are visiting from England, after 9:00 they chat about where they are from, etc (interesting!), next round begins at 11:12 and finishes at 13:50, begin again at 14:30 and end at 19:16, begin at 20:00 and end at 23:00, they then spend some time figuring out what to ring next, Kevin has to leave, begin again at 24:40 and end at 29:04, begin at 30:45 (last one!) and end at 35:43, visiting ringers are then asked to sign the book before leaving.

7. Intro - the opening hymn to the service, I'm recording this from the balcony at the back of the church a few feet away from the choir, the priest begins the service at 0:27, short hymn at 2:19, full hymn at 3:20, the choir consists of four people and the organist, hymn ends at 6:20, gospel readings begin at 7:28, hymn at 8:40 x 4 responses, second gospel reading at 10:40, "Hallelujah" hymn at 11:30 (solo female voice), sermon begins at 13:30.