FOLDER 8 - Stanley Park 


1. South Side of Lost Lagoon, 1:55

Photo 0983

2. North Side of Lost Lagoon, 3:34

Photo 0986. Photo 0987


3. Between Beach and Pool, 1:28

Photo 0988

4. Between Beach and Pool II, 1:50

Photo 0989

5. On the Seawall, 2:06

Photo 0995

6. On Second Beach, 3:13

7. On the Seawall II, 2:55

Photo 0996


8. Brockton Point Lighthouse with O Canada Horn, 7:47

Photo 1670, Photo 1671, Photo 1672, Photo 1673, Photo 1674

9. Children's Train, 14:20

Photo 1675, Photo 1676, Photo 1678, Photo 1680, Photo 1682, Photo 1685, Photo 1686, Photo 1687, Photo 1688, Photo 1689

10. Beaver Lake, 6:54

Photo 1690, Photo 1691, Photo 1692, Photo 1693, Photo 1694

11. Beaver Lake Soundwalk, 13:01


1. Traffic sounds provide amience - the road is to the east, water fountain is directly North - almost working to mask the sounds of the cars and trucks.

2. On the path on the North side of Lost Lagoon - we encountered a family of racoons while recording, **feedback at 20sec** - peak (!) (expletive follows), footsteps of passers-by/onlookers at 1 min, traffic sounds are the keynote.

3. Children playing on both the beach and in the pool, footsteps are audible as people pass us throughout (e.g. 0:20), @ 0:30 someone asks me if we're recording the sound and proceeds to show me how quiet his motorbike is (it was electric).

4. Same location as above, the sound of a motorboat in the water provides environmental ambience.

5. Sounds of the pool still dominate, but the water is much more prominent at the wall, footsteps (sounds like flip flops) at 0:30, ambience offered by boat engine.

6. Track ID @ intro, sitting on a log at Second Beach, pool activity is distant, sounds of ocean water, sunbathers & picnic area dominate, there's a family nearby whose daughter is distinctly audible, airplane and boat sounds are apparent throughout.

7. The activity of the pool is now behind me, footsteps of pedestrians are apparent (e.g. 0:30), engine sound of plane/boat persists.

8. Track ID @ intro, harbour ambience, water beneath me, bird sounds, pedestrians pass sporadically, footsteps & voices, seaplane passes at approx. 3:00, another seaplane passes at 4:00, bike passes at 5:20, jogger passes at 5:30, O Canada Horn at 5:57, nearby plane passes at 6:25, track ID @ 7:05, seagull at 7:35.

9. Train departs from station at intro (voice & bell), track ID, plane passes overhead at 0:30, train whistle at 1:00, train bell at 1:35, child's voice at 3:00, train whistle at 3:40, bell at 4:35, train passes nearby at 4:45 and story can be heard (electroacoustic voices), train passes nearby again at 6:00 - bells and song, whistle at 7:14, biker passes at 7:20 and again at 7:39, whistle at 8:14, pedestrians pass at 8:39, bell sounds at 10:20, plane passes at 10:25, various sounds of families approaching the station to board the next train, footsteps of pedestrian passing at 11:58, train can be heard approaching at 12:00, loud whistle at 12:26, train passes directly in front of me at 12:49, electroacoustic voice finishes story at 13:06, train stops at 13:20.

10. Track ID @ intro, bike passes at 0:23, wind passing through trees - rustling leaves, footsteps on path at 1:20, I'm sitting on a park bench on the path, footsteps of pedestrians at 2:15, footsteps at 3:10, plane passes overhead at 3:15, airplane passes at 3:50 (NOT A NORMAL PLANE!), pedestrians approach at 6:18.

11. Plane passes at 1:00, passing pedestrians at 1:25, I pass people chatting on a bench at 2:00, cyclist rides up and stops in front of me to get a look at the lake at 2:33, plane approaches at 3:00, people pass and say hello to me at 3:30, plane overhead at 4:00, various bird and insect sounds in the woods, plane in distance at 5:50, jogger passes me on the path at 8:24, plane approaches at 8:50, horn from harbour at 9:20, bird call at 10:08, plane in distance at 10:20, cyclist passes me at 10:49, pedestrian passes at 11:10, walk by creek - flowing water at 11:30, bird call at 12:10, three old men in conversation at 12:25, track ID @ 12:55.