REEL 132

CHEMAINUS, BC November 2, 1976


[23:00 min]

More saw mill tour: discuss the sounds of different machines. As the sound occurs we are told what it is.

20:50 door slams and they are in a quietened, closed-off area. The machinery sounds like distant traffic.


[10:00 min]

Saw mill, cutting logs into lumber. A man delegates the size of lumber, "That's a 6x14 so we'll make that into three 6x4's." As the man calls out you hear a stamp being put on the logs. The logs thunk into place, and a saw hums in the background. The voice is clear and strong without the man raising his voice.

November 25


1. [5:30 min]

A steam horn blows, a dog barks.

5:00 a helicopter passes.

2. [4:30 min]

Recordist is outside then walks into a house and closes the door behind him. He passes through a room with several people in it. Opens a door and is outside again, cars pass, one idles nearby, people get out from it. Recordist goes back inside and up some stairs (good set of footsteps).


1. Oct.1 [19'21"]

Downtown ambience. Many vehicles starting and passing intermixed with voices, mostly children "Hello, this is CBS".

Mill horn recorded from downtown (10'50"). Small plane passing (15'08"). Mill horn. Closer recording, some distortion. (17'15")

2. Nov. 24 [21'03"]

Isolated recordings of mill horn. Very nice.

Mill horn  (3'22") (5'36") (6'54") (12'44") (13'15") (13'57") (14'54") distant (17'25")


Excerpts of longer Chemainus recordings:

1. Distant mill horn. Nov. 1 (0'36")

2. Mill horn with ambience. Oct.27 (1'33")

3. Mill horn with downtown ambience. Oct.27 (6'10")

4. Passing train followed by discussion with locals about the recording. (6'24") The train is heard further in the distance durring and after the conversation. Very nice.

5. Vehicle engines and Mill horn. Very rich sound. (2'20")