1. China Beach, ocean waves 3:45

2. China Beach, ocean waves 1:52

3. China Beach, ocean waves 0:34

4. China Beach, ocean waves 3:19

5. China Beach, ocean waves 4:17

6. China Beach, ocean waves 1:40

7. above China Beach, ocean waves 1:25


8. French Beach, ocean waves 1:13

9. French Beach, ocean waves 2:04

10. French Beach, ocean waves 0:20

11. French Beach, ocean waves 6:47

12. French Beach, ocean waves 3:10

13. French Beach, ocean waves 0:48


14. Forest near Port Renfrew, wind in trees 5:54

15. Forest near Port Renfrew, wind in trees 0:46

16. Forest near Port Renfrew, wind in trees 5:00


17. Botany Bay, distant surf and foghorn 2:20

18. Botany bay, big surf 0:10

19. Botany Bay, surf and foghorn 5:39

20. Botany Bay, waves and foghorn 4:14


21. Ferry, stern of Queen of Burnaby 4:36

22. Ferry, stern of Queen of Burnaby 0:35

23. Canada Place, harbour ambience 1:00


24. Vancouver harbour ambience 1:10

25. Vancouver harbour ambience 1:45

26. helicopter landing 1:38

27. Vancouver harbour ambience 1:07

28. helicopter take-off 2:37

29. float plane take-off 3:19


30. Pender & Hornby, city ambience 3:08

31. Pender & Hornby, city ambience 3:00

32. Pacific & Davie, traffic 2:40

33. Robson and Burrard, traffic in the rain 5:18


34. shortwave radio, sweeping dial 10:10

35. telephone rings 0:40

36. computer sounds 0:30

37. computer booting 0:30

38. computer keyboard 0:43

39. computer printer, dot matrix 0:20

40. hearth fire, burning paper 2:00

41. hearth fire, burning twigs 0:46

42. hearth fire, burning twigs 3:42

43. hearth fire, burning twigs 6:32



1. China Beach, near Sooke on Vancouver Island standing on rocks, 20 ft. into water; nice spatialization, some mic noise at 3:35

2. long breakers, recorded from the shore

3. good left-right spatialization, recorded from the shore, short take

4. "stereo" breakers, nice spatialization, crows at 2:33

5. 20 feet from water, distinct stereo, nice roll from right to left at 3:00

6. 30 feet from water, wider stereo effect

7. above beach, in the woods, 150 yards from beach

8. French Beach, large waves, steep gravel shore, dynamic undertow, nice spectral movement

9. hot levels, nice spectral and dynamic movement of waves, intermittent sounds of gravel moved by the water

10. close-miked waves, short take

11. close-miked waves, nice dynamic and spectral movement, nice stereo spatialization, big waves

12. dynamic waves, jet in background at 1:00, interesting mix of waves and jet

13. waves recorded from farther away, interesting stereo image

14. tape ID at beginning, wind in the forest, twigs and leaves falling, recorded under "Red Creek Fir"

15. wind in trees, more presence, wind on mic

16. big wind in trees, some birds or squirrels in the distance, some mic noise, gusts at 4:09

17. 1 km from bay, foghorn throughout, trickle of stream and surf, nice echoes of foghorn

18. false take

19. fog horn, wind and big waves, wind on mic

20. rocky coast, close to waves and foghorn

21. ferry noise, big machine ambience-noisy, levels adjusted at 3:25, heavy low frequencies

22. water churn off stern of ferry, some fooling with levels, short take

23. short ambience, people talking

24. train whistle in distance, boat horn, roar of motors

25. float plane landing, creaking wharf below, crow flies by at 0:27, water lapping, nice variety of harbour sounds

26. some distortion, tape end abruptly, some phasing

27. float plane landing, helicopter winding down, wharf creaking, water lapping

28. helicopter, people talking, some distortion

29. wharf and waves, some talking, distant train whistle, laughter, boat horn, some distortion with plane take-off

30. recorded at street level, walls of glass, car horn, bus horn, footsteps, seagulls, good general downtown traffic sample

31. electric bus takes off wires, singing, squeak of brakes, diesel bus and air brakes

32. tires on wet street, 35 feet from Pacific, some mic noise, good stereo

33. much presence, diesel bus and brakes, dynamic bus pass at 4:30, long take

34. sweeping dial of shortwave radio, little or no clear language, lots of interesting noises and material

35. electronic rings, 7 rings

36. IBM 386 clone switched on and booted

37. mic placed on the hard drive

38. typing on the keys of computer keyboard

39. printing 1 page and line feeding

40. match strikes and fire starts, nice resonance in chimney, crackling paper

41. snapping and crackling of twigs with match strike, some fooling with levels

42. snapping and crackling, hissing and heavy rumble as fire gets going

43. heavy raging fire, hot levels, popping and cracking, gradually dies out