1. Queen Elizabeth Park, from lookout in front of Bloedel Conservatory 5:12

2. blank 0:19

3. Bloedel Conservatory, interior 5:12

4. soundwalk, Bloedel Conservatory 3:48

5. Queen Elizabeth Park, lower garden, facing east 5:01

6. Oakridge Mall, west concourse 5:04


7. Kits pool, bottom right of bleachers, facing north 5:13

8. Kits tennis courts, south of beach 5:02

9. Kits beach, in front of concession 4:53

10. Kits beach, 50 feet from water 4:59

11. beach west of Maritime Museum 5:51

12. Heritage Harbour, tip of breakwater 5:32

13. Vanier Park, pond 5:49

14. Burrard bridge civic marina 5:50

15. False Creek, south side, between Burrard and Granville, marina 2:38

16. False Creek ambience cont. 2:59

17. Granville Island, public square 5:02

18. soundwalk through Granville Island market 4:40

19. False Creek aqua bus interior 0:18

20. aqua bus cont. 1:39

21. False Creek, north side, Yacht club 5:05

22. False Creek, north side, opposite Granville Island's eastern tip 5:22

23. False Creek Ferry from Aquatic Centre to Heritage Harbour 8:16

24. Jericho Park, footbridge 4:51

25. Jericho Beach, west of concession 4:50

26. Spanish Banks, west of second concession 8:55



1. ID, some wind noise on mic, quiet ambience

2. blank

3. ID and intro, fountain, people talking, many birds, ventilation, much hiss from fountain and ventilation

4. ID, birds, people, fountain, ventilation, wooden bridge, water trickles at 2:12

5. ID, people talking, cameras, workers, small waterfall, birds, fly buzz at 2:43, distant traffic rumble and some mic noise

6. ID, people talking and walking past, children, skill saw in background, much reverb, nice events

7. ID, kids playing and swimming, outdoor showers, distant planes and busses

8. ID, tennis game in progress, conversation of players, distant plane and bus brakes, crow at 2:11, player drops racket at 2:29, and 3:00, conversation with recordist at 2:35

9. conversations, phones, passersby, jet pass, distant traffic, bicycles at 4:03, dogs and vending machines

10. ID, talking, distant hammering, volleyball game, city rumble, whistling at 1:49, sea gulls, aircraft, bus brakes in distance

11. ID, waves, birds, boat traffic, boat horn, motorcycle, dog bark at 1:53, ominous drones from boats, etc.

12. ID, boats, distant boat horn at 0:56, kids, gulls, close boats at 1:44, plane, water, birds, many internal combustion engines

13. ID, very interesting sound of kites flapping in the wind, dogs throughout, harbour rumble, gulls, radio, distant traffic, dogs at 4:17, music at 5:00

14. ID, compressor under bridge, gulls, nice creaking of docked boats and wharf, bridge traffic, truck brakes, man in wheelchair dragging his foot at 3:14, bicycle passes at 4:05, ID at end of take

15. ID, geese at 2:27, bridge traffic, passersby, kids, crow at 1:32, roller-bladers at 1:34, bike at 2:13, distant construction, some mic noise

16. ID, wings of pigeon at 2:55, water lapping

17. ID, children, nice recording of sea gulls, some pigeons and other birds, hum of machinery in background, nice ambience

18. ID, butcher saw, Greek music, busker with guitar, kitchen sounds, crowd noise, coolers, commerce, walk outside, whistling at 3:36, ID at 4:35

19. ID, boat engine, conversation

20. making change (engine) at 0:16, docking, passengers boarding, very loud motor

21. ID, bicycle pass at 0:40, distant hammering, distant traffic, some wind on mic, louder hammering at 2:16 and 4:52, mic bump at 1:29, generally sparse ambience

22. ID, killdeer, several bikes at 0:30 and 0:44, light lapping of water, wind rumble, joggers, killdeer calling at 1:18, crows, gulls, siren, roller bladers, distant horn at 4:51, hum of traffic and industrial machinery, tape ID at 5:09

23. ID, engine, CB radio, conversation with operator regarding dB levels and World Soundscape Project, perspective shifts, docking at 6:52, leaving boat, walking up ramp at 7:26, ID at 8:14

24. ID, crows, ducks at 0:57 and 1:34, kites in background, distant planes, people, distant train whistle at 3:16, people crossing bridge, quiet ambience

25. ID, distant train whistle near beginning of take, kids, waves and traffic in distance, gulls at 4:21-4:47, very sparse ambience with distant drones

26. ID, waves, wind on mic, plane at 1:11, boat pass at 3:06, footsteps in sand at 6:07 and then in gravel, traffic, keys opening car door