1. tape ID -

2. UBC Museum of Anthropology, exterior amongst totem poles 5:32

3. UBC Museum of Anthropology, interior 8:41

4. UBC Clock tower in front of library 5:51

5. "closing comments" for above -

6. UBC Library, Sedgewick study carrells 5:19

7. soundwalk around concert grounds 2:18

8. lawn in front of SUB building 5:37

9. parkade opposite SUB 3:40

10. Nitobe Memorial Gardens 5:33


11. BC Place/Plaza of Nations 5:37

12. near Terry Fox memorial 4:42

13. Vancouver Museum, ID 0:34

14. Museum foyer, opposite gift shop 6:48

15. under Burrard street bridge 6:16

16. marina amongst boats 5:18


17. Cates Park, by water in front of concession 5:54

18. Cates Park, swings and battlefield 5:30


19. below ski-lift in park 6:22


20. station with Royal Hudson 0:36

21. Royal Hudson 2:45


22. car ferry dock 12:41

23. same location as above 0:25

24. Queen of Surrey ferry departure 2:49

25. tape ID -


26. tape ID -

27. Lynn Canyon ID -

28. suspension bridge 5:44

29. Centennial Trail 5:56



1. tape ID

2. ID, plane pass at beginning, German film crew in distance, very nice crow recordings with interesting echoes off the museum, hum of traffic and ventilation

3. ID, tour guide in the distance, passersby, museum ventilation, tour group approaches, cameras at 4:14, general increase in activity

4. ID, people passing, bike pass at 0:22, ventilation, distant jet, ankle bracelet at 2:12, library doors, runner and roller-bladers at 4:49

5. comments on how the clock did not strike

6. ventilation, rustling, turning pages, snapping binders, mic handling noise, zippers, person walking past and sitting

7. ID, loud music from stage (pre-recorded), refrigerator truck and crowd noise

8. distant, reverberant music, people, traffic, motorcycle at 3:05 and 5:20, MC's from stage at 4:00, car doors at 3:40, car horn at 5:33

9. ID, very interesting delay of poetry being read and bouncing off walls, cars, music echoing, wind on mic, ID at 2:57, singing, horn at 0:25

10. pause before ID, distant car alarm, traffic, small waterfall at opposite end of pond, aircraft at 3:49, birds, passersby, motorcycle, car stereo (mostly bass)

11. ID, distant Cambie bridge traffic, industrial noises from opposite shore,skytrain at 4:58, crows, some wind on mic, gulls at 4:36, power boat at 5:04

12. ID, rush hour traffic rumble, bike pass, ID at 4:12

13. tape ID, ticket taker

14. ID, announcements, cash registers, elevator bell at 2:09, people, fountain outside increases with open door, phone, mic noise, leaving building at 5:30, fountain (Crab sculpture)

15. rhythm of traffic on bridge, very beautiful, sounds of rigging on sailboats, people, wind on mic, creaking dock, gate slamming at 2:06 and 5:30, gulls, killdeer, distant music, boat pass

16. ID, traffic, mic handling noise, more of the tinkling sailboat rigging, car at 1:08, creaking dock, gulls, boat pass at 3:05, plane at 4:55

17. ID, waves, kids, power boats, conversations, plane at 2:40, distant boat horn and kite, waves from boat, feet in gravel, mic handling

18. ID, kids on squeaky swings, laughter, parents, raven, cars, mic handling noise, baseball game, ID at 5:05

19. flies buzzing, family at top of hill, echoes of voices, mic handling, couple talking, distant plane, flies land on mic, rumble of distant traffic, very quiet ambience

20. Royal Hudson rolling into station

21. whistle blast at 0:10 and 0:34, wind on mic, kids, wheels, bell, brakes, ramp

22. long ID, ferry idling in dock, woman reading to man in distance, ID at 4:43, announcement at 10:09, other ferries pull in, small boats, gulls, crows, plane at 11:41

23. small boat pass, ambience

24. ferry departs, ID, whistle blast at 0:52, some distortion, small boats, gulls and woman reading in distance

25. ID

26. ID

27. ID

28. rushing water, people talking and walking onto suspension bridge, a perspective shift and mic noise, walks off bridge

29. distant water and plane, raven at 1:47, recordist's arm joint!, couple hiking down trail at 5:48, small bird, very quiet ambience