1. tape ID -

2. Grouse Mountain Skyride 9:51

3. Grouse Mountain, chainsaw artist 3:11

4. Grouse Mountain, chairlift 8:09

5. Grouse Mountain, chairlift platform and summit 0:25

6. Grouse Mountain, summit 5:40

7. soundwalk along trail at summit of Grouse Mountain 2:45

8. Grouse Mountain summit, lookout platform 4:50

9. announcement, female voice

10. announcement, male voice


11. Ambleside Park, ambience 1:23

12. Ambleside Park, ambience 3:23

13. tape ID

14. Lighthouse Park on outcropping rock 8:35

15. Lighthouse Park, ambience 10:08

16. Lighthouse Park, West Beach, ambience 6:47

17. Lighthouse Park 0:55

18. Lighthouse Park, forest ambience 2:55

19. Lighthouse Park, ID -

20. Lighthouse Park, forest ambience 7:25

21. Park Royal shopping centre 6:30

22. Lonsdale Quay, seabus terminal 4:34


23. feeding cat



1. tape ID

2. doors closing, beeps, people talking, ride starts up, child sneezes at 1:38, guide starts announcement at 1:59 in an outgoing tone, hum and brake of the car over towers, signal drops out at 8:18 for a second, 9:19 PA announcement, exiting car

3. ID, idling chainsaw, people passing, chainsaw starts carving, golf cart passes at 2:39

4. creaking tower, people talking, rustling (recordist), helicopter at 1:24, very interesting rhythmic chatter of the wheels at 2:20, reverb of towers, helicopter at 3:23, grasshoppers at 4:07, distant jet, hikers, birds

5. ID, portable radio, walking down wooden steps

6. flies landing on mic, bird, some mic noise, squirrels at 3:20 and 5:20, generally very quiet

7. ID, footsteps, mic handling rumble, distant voices, climbing up/down, stopping to listen

8. ID, helicopter, wind on mic, ski-lift operators, families, chainsaw in distance, flies, bluejay, rattling of ski-lift towers

9. announcement, female voice

10. announcement, male voice

11. waves, hammering, conversation, distant traffic, some wind on mic, dog pass at 0:35

12. (battery change), ID, sea planes, kids, fishermen talking

13. tape ID

14. ID, water below, speed boats, helicopter, gulls, sea plane, crow

15. ID, Labrador helicopter, boat pass, crows, tiny birds, boats, dog barks at 8:45, 8:55, ID at 9:38, nice ambience

16. ID, at sea level, stereo splashing of waves, distant boat, some wind on mic, nice gurgling water sounds

17. tape ID, helicopter pass

18. ID, very quiet, distant crows, flies, squirrel in distance 1:01, very close squirrel at 2:05, cute!

19. tape ID

20. ID, distant plane, birds, eagles 1:19, distant dog at 1:40, interesting echoes of forest, insects, wind, distant traffic, quiet bird wings at 4:56, hikers at 5:20, footsteps into distance at 6:11, very quiet

21. ID, closing of shop doors, faint muzak, talking, ventilation, cart passing, fountain, footsteps, coins or chains (?), whistling, cash registers, some mic noise

22. ID, banging, wind on mic, boat horn at 0:59 and 1:09, gulls, seabus idling, busses leaving loop, seabus announcement at 3:23, seabus horn at 3:29, seabus departs, ID at 4:32

23. ID, feeding the cat, cat meowing, cat eating