1. Adanac park, ambience 5:05

2. Main pier, industrial area, train 10:42


3. Stanley Park, Brockton point 8:11

4. Brockton point cont. 16:52

5. Lumberman's Arch, picnic area 5:21

6. Vancouver Aquarium, entrance 5:05

7. Zoo area, by monkey house, walk to bears 11:38

8. soundwalk, from Japanese-Canadian war memorial to miniature train ride area 3:10

9. miniature train arrival 2:00

10. miniature train departure 1:04

11. soundwalk from Stanley Park junction past petting zoo, toward aquarium through underpass, past children's water park, to the edge of the water 11:12

12. Beaver Lake, ambience 0:46

13. Beaver Lake, just inside entrance 6:07

14. Beaver Lake, on trail 4:55

15. Vancouver Aquarium, soundwalk from cash registers, through tropical fish area to Amazon gallery 0:40

16. soundwalk cont. 11:08

17. soundwalk cont., leaving gallery into whale pool area 16:49

18. to sea otter habitat and Beluga pool 2:16



1. ID, distant traffic, robins, soccer lessons, bird, distant Harley Davidson, distant bus

2. locomotive, crossing bells, cars, idling engine, big crash at 1:52, trains shunting, bell stops at 3:52, car traffic, truck starts and drives off, crossing bell starts again at 5:11, whistle at 7:36, more trains pass, interesting rhythmic wheels, interesting wheel sounds at 8:01, 8:37, bell stops at 9:50, cars pass, backup beeper at 9:50, very dynamic take

3. ID, waves, crows, rumble of harbour, planes, sea plane taxiing, BC Hydro Horns (Canada Horns) at 3:42, helicopter at 4:27

4. (cont. from above) sea plane takes off, crows, pedestrians, large ships, large ship blows horn at 2:00 (very nice), boat pass at 3:26, distant siren, people passing, distant train whistle at 7:25, plane at 8:50, sea plane take off at 9:30, gulls, pleasure boats, more planes

5. ID, crows, gulls, people talking, birds, good recording of gulls, loud helicopter at 1:14

6. woman scolding child, ID, people passing, horn at 1:57, kids playing in fountain, ducks, plane overhead at 4:26

7. ID, people talking about monkeys, kids talking, man with deep voice, laughter, crows at 4:30, 4:42, robin at 4:47, walk over to bears, water at 5:11, talk about bears, baby talks at 6:06, distant music at 8:06, pigeon at 8:34, fountain, skate-board pass, child crying at 10:44, birds, ID at 11:30

8. ID, amplified Chinese fiddle, kids and parents, miniature train whistle at 1:17, music fading, birds, train bell at 1:56, man buying tickets at 2:42

9. ID, bell ringing, birds, train arriving, engine passes, stops, kids get out

10. ID, train passes with bell ringing, fades away, birds, distant plane

11. ID, birds, kids yelling, music at 2:30, plane overhead, ball bouncing, train whistle at 3:27, dog tags, ducks, geese at 5:52, backup beeper at 6:59, gulls, bus through underpass at 8:24, kids playing, water's edge at 10:00, waves, ID at 10:44

12. ID, mother duck and ducklings on pathway

13. ducks and duckling passing, bikes on gravel, child talking, nice bird recording, eagle at 3:39, distant traffic, nice bird at 5:12, bikes at 5:30, ID at 5:47

14. ID (inaccurate location), distant miniature train, birds, traffic, nice forest reverb, people passing, distant miniature train whistle at 4:34

15. ID, cash registers, people, kids, squeaky door, squeeze toys, gulls

16. cash registers, toys, gulls, people, in Amazon gallery, water hissing, back into tropical fish area, cash registers at 7:40, promotional video at 7:50, on into Sandwell Gallery

17. out into whale pool area, announcer (trainer) talking about whales through a P.A. system to a crowd of people, training whistles, announcer stops at 7:10, continues at 7:25, whale blowing air at 7:51, plane overhead at 11:53, children, walkie-talkie, whale jumps, crowd cheers

18. ID, murmur of people, announcer in distance, distant prerecorded music, move to Belugas at 1:43, Beluga speaks at 1:51, plane overhead