Regular workplace inspections are required under the BC Occupational Health and Safety regulation. While inspections of general areas are undertaken by the local joint health and safety committee, inspections of laboratories where hazardous materials are used are the responsbility of departments. Each department must develop and implement an inspection program to cover these areas.

An annual Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist is available to facilitate the inspection process.  Upon completion of an inspection, an Inspection summary report is provided to the principal investigator, highlighting areas where follow-up actions are required. Copies of the inspection results should also be shared with the local area safety committee and EHRS. Inspections templates and guidance documents can be found under Safety Inspections.

In addition to annual inspections, all labs are required to perform a self inspection once a month, using a Monthly inspection checklist.

Environmental Health and Research Safety conducts periodic audits of laboratories to assess the current state of knowledge of Chemical Safety programs and policies.