Door Signage

In addition to the chemical hazard signage which provides the investigator’s name and emergency telephone numbers, all rooms containing class 3b and class 4 lasers must display one or more of a laser safety danger sign, laser safety caution sign, or a laser safety notice sign used for repair shops. Your responsibility is outlined in the SFU Laser Signage Procedure.

To obtain a laser sign for your door, you are welcome to contact Monica Szczepina at 778-782-6740 or at To print your own temporary sign, you can click on the class of sign that you need (3a, 3b, or 4), print it in colour, then use a black felt pen to write in the correct wavelength and power for your laser. Don't forget that you still need to advise the LSO of the lasers you have.

blank class 3a sign

blank class 3b sign

blank class 4 sign