Central University Health and Safety Committee

The Central University Health and Safety Committee (CUHSC) is mandated to review University occupational health and safety policies and programs, address safety issues with University-wide implications, and safety issues arising in public spaces, including personal safety and emergency response. In addition, this committee will oversee the implementation of local joint health and safety committees (LJHSC) and review operation of these committees.

Terms of Reference

The Central University Health and Safety Committee (CUHSC) is established by its terms of reference. **updated September 2015.


CUSC Voting Members:

Worker Representatives Management Representatives
Paul Saunders, CUPE Jason Morlin
Ryan Casciano, CUPE Adil Jessa
Ivona Mladenovic, SFUFA Sandeep Sidhu
Dan Laitsch, SFUFA Nicole Border
Lillian Deeb, TSSU Vacant
Uko Isip, TSSU Ryan Fortin
Paul Conolly, Polyparty Michelle Corbett
Claudio Rizzo, Polyparty Todd Mann
Hanwei Sudderuddin, Non-union Natalie Gick
Sha Zhu, Non-union   Susanne Stockdill




Recording Secretary:

Anne Carchesio