Emergency Planning & Operational Continuity Project

In 2013 SFU's Safety & Risk Services Emergency & Continuity unit developed a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) which outlines SFU's emergency management approach to all hazards requiring a response effort. Within the CEMP, Operational Continuity Plans at a functional/departmental level were identified as a critical additional component to the CEMP. In order to move forward on the next steps of this vital work, we have developed an Emergency Planning & Operational Continuity (EPOC) Project that will be unfolding over the next several months.

What is the project?

The EPOC is a University-wide project to assess risk and build Emergency & Continuity Plans for all functional areas and entities at SFU. The project will be governed by a Steering Committee and Working Group members who will help drive the project forward.

Why are we doing this work?

To ensure that SFU has robust Emergency & Continuity Plans that will support the preparation, mitigation, response and recovery from emergencies and disasters of all types. 

When will the project work take place?

The timeline for this project will run from July to November 2015

  • July 2015- Risk Assessment Workshops
  • August 2015- Control Plan Assessment & Development
  • September 2015- Testing Control Plans
  • October 2015- Internal Review
  • November 2015- Management Review 
Maintenance and refreshing of plans will be required on an ongoing basis to ensure plans are current and accurate.

Who will be involved?

This level of Emergency & Continuity Planning will be University-wide and require the input and participationof all SFU departments.  The governance structure for the committee will be working to ensure the right people are involved at all stages of the project.  In addition to the Steering Committee and Working Group members, key personnel from all levels of the University will be asked to participate at various stages of the project. 

Steering Committee
Working Group
Laura MacDonald
Chief Safety Officer (Acting)-
Steering Committee Chair 
Laura MacDonald

Safety & Risk Services- Working Group Chair 

Alison Blair
AVP Finance Catherine Stoddard
Academic Relations
Norbert Haunerland
AVP Research Kamal Dhiman
Ancillary Service
Tim Rahilly
AVP Students Jessica Jutras
Ancillary Service
Claire Cupples
Dean of Science Susanne Stockdill
Dean of Science Office
Larry Waddell Chief Facilities Officer Ken MacFarlane
Dean of Science Office
Brad Burfield
Chief Information Officer Wendy Lee

Facilities Services

Dave Townsend
Director Infrastructure Services, IT Services

Marie Schneider

Facilities Services Surrey
Sarah Temple
Executive Director, University Communications Harjot Guram
Financial Services
Mark McLaughlin
Executive Director, Ancillary Services Dale Fisher
IT Services
    Keir Novik
IT Services
    Craig Changfoot
Operations Vancouver
    Laura Barnette
Safety & Risk Services
    Chas Florio
Safety & Risk Services
    Stephen Caine
Safety & Risk Services
    Peg Johnsen
Student Services
    Kurt Heinrich
University Communications

Contact Information 

For more information about this project contact

Laura MacDonald
Chair, EPOC Steering Committee & Working Group
Chief Safety Officer (Acting)