Wed, 2 November 2016 (11-2pm)

Winterfest 2016 - Social image - 21 Oct 2016
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What is Winterfest? 

Each November we host the annual SFU Burnaby "Winterfest".  The focus of the event is to help everyone on campus know what to expect from winter on the 'hill' and how to stay safe and healthy throughout the winter season.  

November 2nd from 11am - 2pm
in Convocation Mall

Click here for a list of the 2015 prizes.

Over 22 prizes were won last year!

Winterfest Photos

We're getting ready for winter, are you? 

Know what what to do and where to go in the snow...

During a Severe Weather event on Campus:

  • The best option is to wait on campus for the weather to subside and for our crews to plow and sand roads for safe travel.
  • When walking on campus use indoor routes and main access paths.
  • Hold on to railings when using stairs
  • Follow directions from traffic control staff that may be operating parking lot gates
  • Stay where you are until conditions improve. 
  • Don’t put yourself or others at risk by walking down the mountain or calling someone to pick you up
  • If classes have been canceled during the day, look for our Emergency Volunteer Team for current information on conditions and services
  • We strongly encourage you to delay your commute and to find one of the many warm, com­fortable places on campus to wait for conditions to improve
  • Should conditions dictate that individuals will need to remain on campus overnight, or for prolonged periods, basic needs and essential functions such as dining services will be available

If you have mobility concerns, be familiar with the priority routes for disabled access.  See map of priority ramp routes during a severe weather event 

Communications about the status of classes and campus operations will be through: SFU Alerts, the SFU homepage, the SFU Road Conditions Report and

Winter Safety Tips:

Check out these great winter resources from the Winter Safety Alliance's "Shift into Winter Campaign" 

  • Be aware that the SFU Traffic Management plan includes checkpoints at the entrances/exits of parking lots allow us to com­municate the safest route off campus and control the amount of cars on the road and avoid unnecessary congestion creating unsafe conditions
  • Make back-up plans for childcare, elder care and pet care
  • Remember your medication needs and carry enough for at least 24 hours
  • Know the basics of safe winter driving: 
    • Stay Alert: Check weather and road conditions along your route before traveling and be aware of your surroundings
    • Slow Down: Especially before curves and corners and DON’T tailgate. Leave a large gap between you and the driver in front of you. Four seconds of travel time between cars is recommended
    • Stay in Control: Turn off cruise control and be sensitive to the condition of the road and how your car moves. 
    • Ensure your vehicle is fully serviced, tires are well inflated and rated for snow, use windshield wiper fluid made for cooler temperatures and have an emergency kit in your vehicle. For more info visit Canadian Driver
    • For more information on winter preparedness and safe winter driving check out the resources here
  • Attend “Winterfest”, an event held annually each November to encourage winter preparedness.

Winterfest 2015 Highlights

Those that stopped by the event last year took part in interactive activities, picked up safety material/give aways, and of course had the chance to win tons of prizes. 

Activities & Attractions include

  • Distracted driving/Distracted walking obstacle course- Test out your texting while walking skills! 
  • Emergency supplies vendor-  Get those items you've been meaning to get!
  • SFU Alerts sign up

ICBC Winter Driving Tips

At SFU in Winter weather:


Be patient.  Severe weather events at SFU are usually short in duration. The best option for your own safety is to stay where you are until conditions improve and for snow crews to plow roads.

Dress appropriately for winter weather.

“Know before you go”- know weather, road conditions and public transit status before heading out .

Winterize your vehicle and store an emergency kit in your car.

Drive safe—know the basics of safe winter driving:
1. Stay Alert: be aware of your surroundings
2. Slow Down: Especially before corners, DON’T tailgate.
3. Stay in Control: Turn off cruise control and be sensitive to the condition of the road and how your car moves.  

Choose main access paths when walking on campus and use  indoor travel routes as much as possible.

Make back-up plans and emergency plans for childcare, eldercare and pets and carry enough medication for at least 24 hours.

In an emergency, look for the SFU Emergency Volunteer Team for information on conditions and services. 


DON’T walk down Burnaby Mountain— it puts you and others at risk.

DON’T call someone to come pick you up.

DON’T drive in a non-winterized vehicle during snowy weather, particularly if you are not experienced with driving on slippery roads.