Get SFU Alerts

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  1. Students: sign in to the Student Information System.
  2. Faculty & Staff: sign into myInfo.

What is SFU Alerts? 

It‘s an urgent notification system that allows the university to send emergency information to students, faculty and staff via:

  • Text messages 
  • Instant messages (AIM/AOL, MSN, and Yahoo)
  • Emails to SFU and non-SFU addresses
  • Calls to home, office and mobile phone numbers

What will you get from SFU Alerts? 

During an emergency and situations requiring action by the campus community, the SFU Alerts system will cycle through your contact information to deliver the alert.  SFU Alerts will be used notify you of situations such as:

  • Closure of a campus
  • Reopening of a campus
  • A hazardous situation on campus such as a chemical spill, bomb threat, or dangerous person
  • RCMP or SFU senior administration determine there is an immediate threat to the university community by the presence of certain persons

If you receive an alert, ensure you share the information with those around you.  The message may not be received by everyone at the same time and it's important that those who get the message first pass on the emergency information.

What will SFU Alerts look like?  How will SFU Alerts work? 

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