To order an access card:

  1. Complete a Card Requisition Form. Authorized signing authorities may complete the form electronically and email it to  
  2. We require up to 5 business days to process the requisition from the time of receipt. Generally cards are ready 2 business days after receipt except during the start of end of term when volume increases.
  3. All SFU faculty and staff, must pay a refundable deposit for their card. A service charge is paid by the department or individual based on the department’s request.
  4. All students and contractors pay a non-refundable charge for their card.
  5. Cardholders are limited to one active access card.
  6. Cards must be assigned to an individual who is personally responsible for its use. They won’t be issued for general use by any department.
  7. Report lost/stolen cards immediately to Campus Security for deactivation.

Notes for cardholders

  • Access cards with a deposit are the property of SFU Campus Security; the access card is on loan to the cardholder and can be confiscated or deactivated by Campus Security if deemed necessary.
  • Lending or borrowing an access card will result in retraction of access privileges by Campus Security. Cards are for use by the authorized cardholder only.
  • Cards that don’t work due to normal wear and tear are replaced by Campus Security at no cost to the cardholder. Cards that are lost or damaged are replaced at the cardholders’ expense.