Effective April 1, 2017 fees are:


Deposit/Service Charge

Abloy High Security Keys


Corbin Keys


Security Access card or fob for student / contractor


Security Access card or fob for staff / faculty member


Cabinet Keys

$0/$15 (new) or $5 (copy from sample)

Note: As per university policy AD 1.04, individual users are responsible for applicable deposits.  Requesting departments are responsible for all service charges associated with key/card issues.


Lost, Stolen or Damaged Keys & Cards

Lost/stolen or damaged keys and cards must be reported to Campus Security immediately and are replaced for a fee once a replacement request has been received from an authorized signing authority.  If a department must be re-keyed because an individual was proven to have lost or compromised their keys, the individual and/or department concerned may be charged with the cost of re-keying.