Ordering Keys or Cards/Fobs

Effective key management processes are in place to maintain our database for an inventory designed for a wide range of rapidly changing university needs.

How to Order a Key or card/fob

1. Fill out a Card / Fob / Door Key Requisition form and ensure that all information is filled out: 

  • Holder’s name
  • SFU ID number (Cell number for non-SFU staff, faculty or student)
  • Holder's email address
  • Requesting department
  • Door number and building name (or Access Profile / Rights required)
  • Account code information is filled out (if required)
  • Authorized by the Access Control approved departmental signing authority

In Burnaby:

2. Authorized signing authorities may complete the form electronically and email it to access_control@sfu.ca or send it via inter-campus mail to Access Control located in room 1300 of Discovery 1. Requests will require up to 5 full business days for processing depending on volume - when Burnaby requests are submitted via email an auto reply will provide the current turn-around time.  Expect longer wait times during the beginning of each semester.

3. Come to room 1300 in Discovery 1 to pick up your key after waiting the number of days indicated on the auto-response email once the request was submitted. Requested keys and cards should be picked up within 30 days of being processed unless other arrangements are made.

In Vancouver:

2. Authorized signing authorities may complete the Vancouver form (available from FS Vancouver) electronically, then sign, scan and email it to fsvhelp@sfu.ca or send it via inter-campus mail to Facilities Services Vancouver Harbour Centre room 500.  From time of receipt, we require a minimum of 2 business days to process the requisition.  Expect longer wait times during the beginning of each semester.

3. You will be advised when to come to Harbour Centre room 500 to pick up your key once it is ready.

Bring your identification and funds to cover your refundable deposit fee (and service charge if applicable).  In Burnaby, we accept cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard. In Vancouver we accept cash and debit only.

Note: We hold the key requisition for the current semester, after week 3 of the following semester we will audit unclaimed requisitions before returning the key to inventory. If the key is still required, an authorized access control approved signing authority will need to submit a new requisition.

Important Notes for holders:

  • A person may have only one key per door
  • Cardholders are limited to one active access card
  • The key/card/fob may not be passed on to another person
  • Lending or borrowing an access card/fob will result in retraction of access privileges by Campus Public Safety. 
  • Cards/fobs are for use by the authorized cardholder only.
  • Access cards/fob with a deposit are the property of SFU; the access card is on loan to the cardholder and can be confiscated or deactivated by Campus Public Safety if deemed necessary.
  • All SFU door keys remain the property of SFU
  • The key must be returned to this office ONLY
  • Card and fobs not purchased must be returned to the issuing office when no longer required or authorized
  • Cards that don’t work due to normal wear and tear are replaced by Access Control at no cost to the cardholder. Cards that are lost or damaged are replaced at the cardholders’ expense.
  • Lost/stolen keys/keys/cards/fobs must be reported to Campus Public Safety immediately

Important Note about cards / fobs:

  • Cards must be assigned to an individual who is personally responsible for its use. They won’t be issued for general use by any department without Campus Public Safety approval.

For more information on key & card control, review the Control of Keys and Access Cards Policy AD 1.04, or please click here for our Burnaby Access Control brochure.