Residence Safety

Residence is a wonderful opportunity to live with other students, many of whom will become friends.  The friendly nature of living in residence can also lull you into a false sense of security and you may not pay as much attention to your personal safely as you should. 

That person you just let into your residence building may, in fact, not be visiting another resident; that door you just propped open while you wait for a friend upstairs just left the entire building open to unwelcome visitors; that unknown person in your hallway may not belong there.

It is important that while living in Residence, you place your safety, and the safety of others, on the top of your priority list. 

Quick Tips

For staying safe in residence

Program important numbers, such as Campus Security and your 'CA on Call', into your phone.

Operation Provident, mark your property by signing out an engravers or hard-to-peel decal from Security.

Never leave your door open, and never let anyone who you do not know into your room or building.

Always report suspicious people or behavior to your CA or to Campus Security.

More tips to reduce your risk of being a victim of crime in residence:

  • Don’t prop doors open. If you find one propped open, close it
  • Don’t lend your keys out to friends
  • Report any lost or stolen keys immediately to the residence office. Missing keys make your property vulnerable to theft
  • Do not keep money, wallets, valuables or jewellery lying out.  Keep them out of sight of would-be thieves
  • Don’t leave your room unlocked even to go to the washroom.  It only takes a few seconds for someone to enter your room and steal your valuables
  • Develop a buddy system to go grocery shopping, to walk to and from class, the library, etc.
  • If you see people who don’t look like they belong in residence, ask them who they’re looking for.  Be polite but assertive
  • Lock your door when you sleep.
  • Don’t ignore screams – even behind closed doors.  Call the CA or Campus Security for help
  • Be a proactive bystander, if you are attending a party and you see a person leading an intoxicated person into their room, step in and ensure the intoxicated person is safe.
  • Know the location of the emergency phones in your area
  • Let your fellow residents know where you are going for the night or the weekend, even if you’re only doing laundry
  • Walk in well-lit areas. Don’t cut through – the shortest route is not necessarily the safest route
  • If you are concerned about a student resident’s safety for any reason, you may contact Campus Security or Residence and Housing for assistance at any time.  Campus Security’s emergency line is 778-782-4500.

For more information about residence safety and security, contact the Personal Security Office, and/or the Residence Life Coordinator/Community Advisors.