Sexual Violence

If you or someone you know is affected by sexual assault, the options described here are available at SFU to provide support and advice.  The services strive to coordinate in a way that allows individuals to choose the supports they would like to access. 

For more information, visit SFU's Sexual Violence Support Website

Campus Security Contact:

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Personal Security Office Contact:


Health and Counselling Contact:

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Off Campus Contact:

VictimLink BC:(24/7): 1.800.563.0808
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First - Get to a safe place

  • Seek support from someone you trust, such as a friend or neighbour. On campus you can go to or contact Campus Security at 778-782-4500.
  • If you are not on campus, call 911.

Then - You have options

Get Medical Help

You are entitled to medical care.

On campus:

Off Campus:

  • If you need urgent medical attention, contact the police or ambulance services by calling 911 or the emergency number for your community.
  • Call VictimLink BC at 1800-563-0808 for 24/7 assistance. 


  • Seeking medical attention as soon as possible so evidence can be collected
  • Not showering (if possible)
  • Getting access to testing and emergency contraception
  • Getting access to other supports, such as referrals, reporting options, counselling options.

Contact Campus Security

Campus Security (778-782-4500) is available for 24 hour support at all three SFU campuses. In the event of a sexual assault, Campus Security will provide you with immediate support and advice. The Personal Security Office will be notified and a representative will contact you, if desired, as soon as possible to discuss your options and access to support resources. They can meet you at a location where you feel comfortable. 

Members of the Personal Security Office will discuss your reporting options with you and work with you to develop a personal support plan and/ or coordinate your access to resources.  

The Personal Security Office can help you with the following:

  • Understanding your reporting options 
  • Safety planning resources
  • Victim services resources
  • Evidence collection
  • Enhanced protection/security measures
  • Coordination of access to other resources

For more information and detail as to how SFU Campus Security can help you, visit the Sexual Assault Support and Services page.

Option 3: Report to police

The police are available for 24 hour support. Call 911 or your local emergency number. Alternatively, you can contact SFU Campus Security who will assist you in making a criminal report to police.  Campus Security will compile an additional report to document the incident which will assist in your access to resources. It will also help future investigations, reducing any potential risk to the campus community, and may help in the development of prevention programs. 

The police can:

  • Connect you with Victim Services 
  • Provide you with protection options
  • Collect evidence
  • Begin a criminal investigation
  • Usually you can request a male or female officer, and language interpretation services are available

Further resources


PHONE: 778.782.3670


PHONE: 778.782.5933

Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)

24 Hour Crisis Line: 604-255-6344  
Toll-Free: 1 877-392-7583
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