Study Safety

A 24-hour "Safe Study" area is available in the James Douglas Room in the AQ right off the main Mall and beside the Simon C's store.  Simon C's and several vending machines have been relocated to this area for greater convenience.  The lighting has been upgraded, a video recording surveillance camera system installed, and security patrol awareness has been increased.  Most importantly, there is a direct line telephone to Security in the James Douglas Room.

  • Avoid studying in isolated classrooms in areas of the campus that are infrequently patrolled with little or no traffic, and in places difficult to access
  • Don’t study in stairwells, doorways, and locker alcoves
  • Don’t wear a personal stereo system or play music so loudly that you’re unaware of your surroundings
  • Report immediately any suspicious individuals in the area to Campus Safety & Security Services
  • If you’re in the library, tell a staff member