Passports & Visas

Find out how to apply for a Canadian passport, check processing times for passport applications, find service locations, learn about new requirements, and see what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged on Passport Canada's website.

Recommendations and Tips

We strongly recommend that your passport be valid for at least six months after your intended travel dates. In some countries, this may also be a requirement for entry.

Passports and visas may take weeks or even months to process, depending on the country. Check the requirements for your travel and apply far in advance to avoid disappointment.

You can check the Government of Canada's Travel Advisories for information on travelling as a Canadian citizen, however it is always best to check with your host country’s embassy or consulate regarding their specific regulations for passport validity and visa requirements.

If you are a dual-citizen, we always recommend travelling on your Canadian passport, but you should understand that not all countries recognize dual-citizenship. If you are travelling to a country where you hold citizenship, there may be limitations to what the Canadian Government can do to assist you in the event of an emergency or a dispute.

Tips on Travelling with Your Passport

Make copies of your Passport Information Page, all your tickets, and any other important documentation (i.e. credit cards, driver's license, etc.) and keep them in a secure area in your carry-on. Also, be sure to keep your copies separate from the originals so you have information to replace them and/or cancel them immediately if the originals are stolen or lost. Alternatively, you can take pictures of all your important documents and email the photos to yourself, so that you can quickly and easily access them if you lose your bag or have it stolen while travelling.