Lay-Summary Co-Creation Workshop with 411 Seniors Centre Society

August 01, 2019

SFU STAR Institute and 411 Seniors Centre Society have organized two lay-summary writing workshops to co-create lay summaries for aging and tech related research projects. One of the aims of SFU STAR Institute and AGE-WELL is to explore and emphasize the benefits of transdiscipinary working within research. Transdisciplinary working is an approach to research that involves scientists from diverse academic disciplines and experiential stakeholders (e.g. older adults and caregivers, industry and community, policymakers) as researchers or partners. The aim of this type of approach is to solve complex social problems by developing innovations and knowledge that have real-world impact.

These workshops also informed an SFU STAR Institute project aiming to communicate research to the "real-world". The SFU STAR Institute Real-World Output Guidelines and Templates Tool-kit was produced as a result of this project.