Key Issues in Aging and Technology

We are excited to launch the Key Issues in Aging in the 21st Century digital booklet. In this booklet we outline 18 key issues for research, innovation and technology that will have real-world benefits for older adults, the economy and policy-makers. Our aim is to help people working in the field of aging to identify where we need innovation - new ideas, technologies, policies and practice - in order to make an impact in each of these areas. We have included examples from around the world of exciting initiatives that aim to address the issues and challenges we highlight. 

To view STAR Institute's Key Issues in Aging in the 21st Century digital booklet:
Click here for online version (low resolution) or click here for print version (high resolution).

The 18 Key Issues

Overcoming the Digital Divide
Lifelong Learning
Healthy Lifestyles
Social Participation
Social Isolation and Loneliness
Cognitive Health
Autonomy and Independence
Aging in Place and Supportive Homes and Communities
Transport and Mobility
Healthcare for Seniors
Health Service Organization and Delivery
Safety, Security, and Abuse
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Aging Workforce
Financial Wellness
The Silver Economy
Global Issues