AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub Proposal Presented to the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology

December 04, 2017
AGE-WELL Board member and Senior, Jim Mann addresses the Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology, Bruce Ralston, the Minister of State for Trade, George Chow, the Parliamentary Secretary for Technology, Rick Glumac, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors, Anne Kang, on SFU Surrey campus. 

On Monday morning, hosted by the School of Interative Arts and Technology and the STAR Institute, the growing AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub (AWNIH) team led by Dr. Sylvain Moreno met with members of the Ministry of Jobs, Trade and Technology to present their proposal for a Surrey-based AGE-WELL Innovation Hub.

A handful of AWNIH research teams, students and stakeholders were present in order to conduct short demonstrations of success stories and current projects within the Hub.

Background on AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub:

Rapid advances in technology are occurring concurrent to population aging. The development of technology solutions for seniors has been identified as a key strategy to drive economic growth, create new opportunities in BC’s technology industries, and launch new, innovative health services for older adults. These simultaneous developments, along with British Columbia’s substantial scientific resources and proven history of entrepreneurial innovation, represent an ideal opportunity for BC to emerge as a global leader in the rapidly growing silver economy.

The federally-funded network on technology and aging, AGE-WELL NCE, is empowering the team to create the AGE-WELL National Innovation Hub on Preventative Health Technology (AWNIH) in British Columbia. This translational hub will bridge the gap and help connect the excellent research centers and incubators already present in British Columbia. To do this, we will implement a successful model of innovation, called co-creative innovation, which unites key stakeholders in industry, government, service providers, and academia to work togetherand achieve real impact on the lives of British Columbians.

The AWNIH is driven by three key objectives:

1. Translating knowledge into new technologies and business opportunities

2. Creating and supporting partnerships to deliver real-world solutions

3. Developing talent to meet the needs of BC technology businesses