Group gatherings  

Whether you are here for a casual gathering or want to be located in a beautiful and convenient location, staying with SFU Guest Accommodations as a group is an excellent choice. With a variety of accommodation options from Private Residence Rooms to spacious Townhouses, you will be able to access all the amenities on campus and have a wonderful group stay on a budget.  

Please note: All of our group guest accommodation spaces are single-occupancy (one person per room).

Due to our Chaperone Policy, all Youth Group Bookings must be billed to one master acccount for the entire group booking.

A Group Booking consists of 15 individual bookings or more or if a Group Booking requires 3 Townhouse units or more. 

If you are looking for a individual booking request, please fill out our Individual Traveller booking request form by selecting the Individual Traveller tab on the left-hand side of this page. 

Group bookings are perfect for  

Board retreats

Academic conferences

Sports teams

Reunions and gatherings


Association gatherings

All group bookings will be handled by our Team. Each group booking will receive a booking agreement which will outline all of our group booking policies, important deadlines and payment requirements. Upon group check-in the authorized group contact person will be required to provide valid piece of photo ID in order to receive all group room keys.