Gary Mauser

October 17, 2001

"It's not easy telling the Emperor he has no clothes. In order to discredit my findings, my critics have ridiculed my results and attacked me personally. My reply is that research studies should be judged by methodology, not by one's beliefs."

Gary Mauser's research has focused on separating fact from fiction in Canada's attempts to control guns. His research findings have brought him head to head with legal reformers, politicians and special interest groups, as well as, sometimes, other researchers. At the same time, activists have attempted to use his research as justificiation for their own agendas.

Gun control is supposed to make us feel safer, but are we? Does criminal violence usually involve guns? Do Canadians use guns for self-protection? Is gun ownership associated with increased crime? Gary Mauser's rsearch has led to conclusions that are disturbing and have brought much controversy to his door.

Gary A. Mauser is a Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration and in the Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies. His work has been published in the Journal of Criminal Justice, Canadian Journal of Criminology, Evaluation Review, Journal of Firearms and Public Policy, Political Communications, Criminal Law Forum and Government and Policy. He has testified before the House of Commons, the Senate of Canada, and he as served as an expert witness before the Supreme Court of Canada.