Mark Winston

October 27, 1998

“Our gravest mistake has been waging an unwinnable war against pests. The effect of our chosen role in nature as dominators rather than stewards has been to turn ourselves into nature’s losers,” Mark Winston argues in his book, Nature Wars: People vs. Pests (Harvard University Press 1997).

A biologist and a member of SFU’s Centre for Pest Management and an international expert in the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and behaviour of honey bees and the social insects, Mark Winston argues that pests provide an excellent example to understand how our attempts to have dominion over nature have backfired. Instead, he proposes a new pest management ethic that favors biologically based alternatives with chemical pesticides used only as a last resort.

Modern pest control has become a war against nature, contends Winston. “I’m hoping that one of the things this book does is jolt people into thinking twice the next time they pick up a spray can or go to the grocery store.”