Michael Worobey

October 13, 2009

Michael Worobey is an evolutionary biologist whose pioneering, but highly controversial research into the origins of HIV, prompted attacks from the scientific community, the media, on the Internet and from the public - from rappers to ambassadors. His research was called "junk science" and racially motivated. His safety was threatened; his integrity questioned.

Through it all... "Dr. Worobey has remained true to his purpose of trying to understand the spread of HIV, and apply this knowledge to the battle against HIV/AIDS."

A graduate of Simon Fraser University, Rhodes scholar and faculty member at the University of Arizona, Dr. Worbey, is now recognized and honoured for his work: a research fellowship at St. John's College, Oxford, a Packard Foundation fellowship, the Frontiers of Science Kavli fellowship of the US National Academy of Science and the 2009 Sterling Prize.