Russel Ogden

September 25, 1995

“Ethical research need not be tamed,” argues Russel Ogden when receiving the 1995 Sterling Prize for his controversial research on AIDS and euthanasia for an MA in SFU’s School of Criminology.

Ogden’s research became a point of contention when he was asked to identify his subjects in his research in BC Coroner’s Court. He risked contempt of court by refusing to break the confidentiality that binds the researcher to his subjects. After defending his thesis, he gained international attention in, for example, the New York Times and on CNN. Since then, he has been invited to present his research findings in Canada, the US and the UK and was called to testify before a senate committee studying euthanasia and assisted suicide.

“His research is controversial, his method is daring, and his findings contribute to the assisted death debate,” says Marilyn Bowman, Psychology, Chair of the 1995 Sterling Prize Selection Committee.