Appendix D: Canada Research Chairs Renewal Process

The process for renewal of CRC Chairs is as follows:

  • A renewal nomination must be submitted a minimum of 6 months prior to the end of the first CRC term. Renewals must be submitted for either the April or October intake dates so that there is no break in the Chairholder’s tenure.
  • The ISA contacts the Chairholder, Dean, Chair of the Department/School/Faculty, Associate Dean of Research, and research facilitator (if applicable) to inform the Chairholder of the upcoming renewal process.
  • The Chairholder, Chair/Director, and Dean, will discuss whether the Chairholder will have the opportunity to submit a renewal nomination. When a renewal nomination has been approved in principle, the Chairholder will contact their research facilitator the ISA to begin developing the renewal materials for the TPC.
  • The ISA and Research Facilitator will work with the renewal nominee, ensuring the Chairholder provides the following materials to the TPC:
    • Current CV
    • Self-assessment
    • Performance reviews since the CRC appointment
    • A list of 4-6 potential referees
    • Detailed outline of the new research proposal
  • The TPC requests letters of reference from referees (ISA will provide reference letter template, TIPS letter of reference requirements, and best practices to avoid unconscious bias in writing a letter of reference), meets to discuss the renewal candidate, and prepares a draft assessment (no vote), with advice to the members that they have two weeks to respond to the TPC and provide additional materials if desired (faculty member may waive this two weeks).
  • The TPC will consider any additional materials and vote. The TPC Chair prepares a memo to the Dean with their decision. If the TPC vote is split, there will need to be a minority assessment within the memo. This memo will include reference to the vote results of the TPC members. A departmental/School/Faculty vote is not required.
    • A letter without vote results will be sent to the renewal candidate with 14 days to respond to the Dean with their comments (candidate may waive the 14 days).
    • The TPC will also include a one-page bio for each of the referees, a copy of the letter and guidelines for evaluation that was sent to the external referees, and a copy of the departmental criteria and standards for tenure and promotion that are referenced in review of the candidate.
  • The Dean will write a letter reviewing the TPC’s recommendation and providing their own to be included in the renewal package. If applicable, they will recommend any changes in salary, proposed stipend, and details and rationale for teaching release time, research funding, facilities, students, travel, etc.
  • The package is then sent to Faculty Relations to be distributed to the VPA and VPRI to capture their approval for the nomination to move forward using this form. Note: If the terms of the appointment have changed from the original appointment letter, then a new letter will be generated by Faculty Relations to be signed by the President.
  • ISA and/or Research Facilitators will prepare the nomination package as per the “Nomination Process” for new nominations.
  • Note: An additional section, the Performance Report, is required for renewal nominations. This section demonstrates how the Chairholder has achieved the objectives set out in the original nomination, has upheld the standards of excellence of the CRC Program, and what the added value has been to the nominee of holding a CRC.
  • The process then follows that for a new nomination.
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