Spring 2022 - Remote Course List

The vast majority of courses will be delivered in person in the Spring. The following is the list of Spring 2022 course offered fully remotely. 

Please review the course outline and class notes for information about remote learning components, class schedule changes, course cart, and synchronous/asynchronous formats.

This list is accurate as of Nov 15, 2021 date and is subject to change, so check back frequently.

Faculty of Applied Science

CMPT 361 D100
CMPT 363 D200

CMPT 461 D100
CMPT 475 D100

CMPT 727 G100
CMPT 769 G100
CMPT 982 G100

ENSC 413 D100
ENSC 813 G100

MSE 101 D100
MSE 402 D100

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

CRIM 331 D100
CRIM 418 D100
ECON 453 D100
ECON 460 D100
HIST 404 D100
HIST 455W D100

HUM 161 D100
HUM 331 D100
INDG 327 D100
INDG 433 D100
IS 300 E100
ITAL 110 D100

LBST 301W D100
LS 819 D100
PHIL 329 D100
PLCY 802 G100
PLCY 807 G100
PLCY 823 G100

PSYC 330 D100
PUNJ 100 E900
SDA 270 D100
URB 670 G200

Beedie School of Business

BUS 654 G400

Faculty of Communication Arts and Technology

CA 149 E100

Faculty of Education

EDUC 100W D200
EDUC 495 D100

FAL X99 D001
FAL X99 D004
FAL X99 D007

FAL X99 D009
FAL X99 D015
FAL X99 D016

FAL X99 D018
FAL X99 D019

Faulty of Environment

EVSC 100 D300

GEOG 100 D200
GEOG 162 D100

GEOG 253 D100
GEOG 255 D100

GEOG 352 D100

Faculty of Health Sciences

HSCI 305 D100

Faculty of Science

BISC 371 D100

FAN X92 P100
FAN X92 P200

STAT 831 G100