Summer 2022 - Remote Course List

The vast majority of courses will be delivered in person in the Summer. The following is the list of Summer 2022 course offered fully remotely. 

Please review the course outline and class notes for information about remote learning components, class schedule changes, course cart, and synchronous/asynchronous formats.

This list is accurate as of Mar 09, 2022 date and is subject to change, so check back frequently.

Faculty of Applied Science

CMPT 363 - D100

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

HIST 102W D200

Beedie School of Business

No courses listed.

Faculty of Communication Arts and Technology

PUB 458 D100

Faculty of Education

FAL X99 D004
FAL X99 D008

Faulty of Environment

No courses listed.

Faculty of Health Sciences

No courses listed.

Faculty of Science

No courses listed.