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International Experiential Learning


Grade Requirements

In addition to normal university grade point average requirements, the Beedie School of Business requires a minimum 2.30 overall SFU Business course grade point average for entry into all 300 and 400 division business courses.

For a course to be accepted as fulfilling a prerequisite, or for a lower division requirement, or for a core course to be accepted in a student's program in business, a student must have obtained a minimum grade of C- (C minus).

Program Requirements

Students complete a minimum of 18 units which are earned through the following three activities.

  • participation in two international activities, one of which must be a study term abroad as an exchange student at a Beedie School of Business preferred partner institution
  • completion of two three-unit language courses in a second language other than English, commonly spoken in the region in which either one of the international activities will take place, and
  • completion of a three unit course, the topic of which will relate to the socio-economic and/or cultural environment in which the international activities will take place.

Exchange and International Experience Component

There are two required international activities. The first will consist of one study term (at least nine units) abroad as an exchange student at a Beedie School of Business preferred partner institution.

For the second international activity, students will choose one of the following three options.

  • a second international exchange at the same or another Beedie School of Business preferred partner institution; or
  • a Beedie School of Business sponsored field school; or
  • an international co-operative education work term

Although students will be encouraged to choose one region or country to fulfill these requirements, they will have the option to enrol in international exchanges, field schools or co-operative education in countries or regions that are different from their first exchange.

Language Component

To increase exposure to the local culture, students complete two three-unit courses in a language(s) of the region (preferably the host country) in which the exchange, Beedie School of Business sponsored field school, or international co-operative education work term will take place. Students attending an international activity in an English-speaking country will have to select a second language that is commonly spoken in the region.

These courses may be completed at Simon Fraser University, or at any institution of the student’s choosing, provided that Simon Fraser University accepts the course as transfer credit, and the course could be completed during the exchange term abroad, or the international co-operative education work term.

The purpose of this requirement is to strengthen the student’s ability to communicate in the host country’s language. Students who are already fluent in a language of the region may fulfil the language requirement by pursuing a third language, or by completing business courses that are taught in their second language.

Socio-economic and/or Cultural Course

Prior to the exchange term, students complete, at Simon Fraser University, one of the following courses (or other courses with appropriate content and prior approval from the Beedie School of Business). Note that some of these courses may have prerequisites.

For students in the Asia region

ASC 200 - Introduction to Chinese Civilization (3)

An introduction to historical and cultural perspectives on China. Topics covered will include different aspects of traditional Chinese civilization with a view to understanding contemporary Chinese society. Prerequisite: 15 units. Breadth-Humanities.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Paul Crowe
Fr 9:30 AM – 12:20 PM
HCC 1425, Vancouver
ASC 201 - Introduction to Japanese Civilization (3)

An introduction to historical and cultural perspectives covering the basic aspects of Japan: geography, history, culture, politics, economy, etc. Prerequisite: 15 units. Equivalent Courses: JAPN250. Breadth-Humanities.

ASC 202 - Studies in Asian Cultures (3)

An introduction to East, Southeast or South Asian art, literature, history or philosophy. The emphasis will be on the cultural importance of the themes covered and on their relationship to contemporary societies. Prerequisite: 15 units.

HIST 206 - Japan Since 1868 (3)

A survey of Japanese history from 1868 until 1952 which will examine, among other topics, the establishment of the Japanese colonial empire, the wars with Russia, China and the United States, and the post-war Allied Occupation. Breadth-Humanities.

SA 275 - China in Transition (SA) (4)

An introduction to culture, social structure and the processes of social, economic, and political transformation in contemporary China. Topics may include recent development of Marxism, feminism and neoliberalism in China; Western debates on China's rise and images of China as threat; human rights. Prerequisite: SA 101 or 150. Students with credit for SA 293 in 2000-1 term may not take SA 275 for further credit.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Jie Yang
Th 1:30 PM – 5:20 PM
BLU 9655, Burnaby

For students in the Europe Region

HIST 225 - 20th Century Europe (3)

A survey of European history from the First World War emphasizing the origins and effects of the World Wars, the emergence of the Soviet Union and of fascism. Breadth-Humanities.

For students in the Latin America Region

Alternatively, students may complete a similar course while studying abroad on an exchange term at the host institution, with prior approval from the Beedie School of Business.