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Actuarial Mathematics I ACMA 320 (5)

Survival distributions: age at death, life tables, fractional ages, mortality laws, select and ultimate life tables. Life insurance: actuarial present value function (apv), moments of apv, basic life insurance contracts, portfolio. Life annuities: actuarial accumulation function, moments of apv, basic life annuities. Net annual premiums: actuarial equivalence principle, loss function, accumulation type benefits. Actuarial reserves: prospective loss function, basic contracts, recursive equations, fractional durations. Covers part of the syllabus for Exam M of the Society of Actuaries and Exam 3 of the Casualty Actuarial Society, and covers practical applications such as computational aspects of pricing and reserving, and risk measurement of insurance portfolios. Prerequisite: STAT 285 and ACMA 210 (with a grade of C+ or higher). Quantitative.