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Major Crime and Forensic Analysis for Law Enforcement CRIM 449 (3)

Provides an introduction to crime and intelligence analysis techniques used by law enforcement Lab exercises will include hands-on exposure to ESR1 ArcMap 10 (GIS analysis) and IBM 12 Analyst Notebook (network analysis) tools used by law enforcement. Topics will include: the taxonomy of structured analytic methods; analysis of competing hypotheses; decomposition and visualization; and a detailed examination of the intelligence process. Will also cover the theoretical foundations of crime analysis and crime mapping, with a focus on the effectiveness of police in reducing crime through analytic driven initiatives. Prerequisite: CRIM 101 and CRIM 135. Students who took CRIM 417 Introduction To Crime And Intelligence Analysis: Theory & Practice in Spring 2013, Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 cannot receive further credit for this course.