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Individual Study Semester MBB 491 (5)

Part time laboratory research in an area of molecular biology or biochemistry. MBB 491-5 can be taken as a stand-alone course by MBB majors, or as the first of two courses for Option B of an honours thesis. MBB 491 coursework will include the preparation of a research proposal, a report on the results of the project and an oral presentation of the research. Before seeking approval for enrollment in this course, the student should obtain the agreement of an MBB faculty member that he/she is willing to supervise the project and prepare in collaboration with the supervisor, a one-page Letter of Intent stating the nature of the research project. Prerequisite: MBB 308 or MBB 309W and permission of the MBB department. Upper level standing in an MBB major or honours program is required.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 TBD
D200 TBD
D300 TBD
D400 TBD
D500 TBD
D600 TBD
D700 TBD
D800 TBD