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Independent Study Semester Joint Honours MBB-BUS or CMPT-MBB MBB 496 (6)

Directed reading and part-time scientific research in an area of molecular biology or biochemistry. This course is intended only for those students taking a joint MBB/BUS or MBB/CS honours degree. Before seeking approval for enrollment in this course, the student should already have obtained the agreement of a faculty member that he/she is willing to supervise the project, and have prepared a written proposal (of approximately 1-2 pages) stating the nature of the research readings and project. The course will include preparation of a written report on the results of the project, and may, at the discretion of the supervisor, include an oral presentation of the results. Prerequisite: 75 units and upper division standing in an MBB joint honours program, and MBB 308 with a minimum grade of C. Students who take MBB 496 are not allowed to take MBB 491, 492 or 493 with the same faculty supervisor.

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D100 TBD
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