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Description and Analysis of an Indigenous Language II INLG 234 (3)

A continuation of the intermediate course in an Indigenous language, including writing systems, texts, general linguistic properties, and language family. Based on a designated language and usually chosen from the Northwest Coast area. Students may retake this course with focus on a different Indigenous language. Prerequisite: INLG (or FNLG) 233. Students with credit for FNLG 332 may not take this course for further credit for the same designated language.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
A100 Jessica Arnouse
A200 Sessional
A320 TBD
A325 TBD
A330 TBD
A340 TBD
A350 TBD
A370 TBD
A380 TBD
A390 Marianne Ignace
A600 Brett Waterfall