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Qualitative Research and Analytical Methods HSCI 841 (3)

Qualitative research represents an important approach within the health sciences and makes unique contributions to the understanding of health experiences and outcomes, as well as the impacts of public health programs and interventions. This course will provide students with a strong foundation regarding qualitative methods through a comprehensive overview of diverse types of qualitative research and key approaches to analyzing qualitative data. The theoretical and philosophical foundations underlying qualitative approaches will be covered, as will key methods including ethnography/participant-observation, qualitative interviews, and focus group discussions. Qualitative research designs, research ethics, and institutional ethics review will be discussed. Instruction regarding the use of qualitative data analysis software will be provided. The course will also highlight the potential of qualitative methods to contribute to interdisciplinary or mixed-methods research focused on health experiences and outcomes. Applied learning opportunities will be emphasized to help prepare students to conduct future qualitative health research.