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Master of Science

The Department of Chemistry offers programs leading to a degree in analytical, materials, chemical biology, organic, inorganic, nuclear, physical, and theoretical chemistry, but also encourages studies at the interface of two or more sub-disciplines. The MSc program offers a graduate-level education in chemistry that involves mastering methods and techniques as well as writing and defending a thesis.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the University admission requirements as stated in Graduate General Regulations 1.3 in the SFU Calendar.

Program Requirements

This program consists of required courses, elective courses, and a thesis for a minimum of 30 units.

Students must complete

CHEM 801 - Student Seminar (3)

Discussion of recent literature in chemistry.

CHEM 802 - M.Sc. Research Proposal and Examination (3)

Each student will submit a written report on his/her research, make an oral presentation, and answer questions relating to their proposed research.

(Students are required to take CHEM 801 and 802 in the first year of their program.)

and six units of graduate courses

and a thesis

CHEM 898 - MSc Thesis (18)

A thesis for the MSc degree may be written on a topic in either chemistry or chemical education. Students electing to write a thesis in chemical education, are required to complete satisfactorily 10 units of course work in the Faculty of Education in addition to the minimum chemistry degree requirements. The 10 units of course work in the Faculty of Education may not be used for credit towards the PhD degree in Chemistry if the student transfers into the PhD program. Graded on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
G100 TBD
G200 TBD

Program Length

Students are expected to complete the program requirements in 6 terms and complete the requirements in no more than 9 terms (see Graduate General Regulation 1.12.2).

Other Information

Weekly Seminars

Students are required to attend 75% of weekly seminars each term unless recognized conflicts exist. Students who fail to meet this requirement will receive an immediate assessment of 'unsatisfactory progress' from the Graduate Program Chair (see Graduate General Regulation 1.8.2).

Supervisory Committee

Department regulations require that the supervisory committee be formed and the first meeting occur before the end of the second term when the student makes an oral presentation of the research proposal. In subsequent years. The supervisory committee will meet yearly to provide guidance and feedback.


Students are expected to carry out original research and a thesis describing this research is submitted and defended as a program requirement. See Graduate General Regulation 1.10 for more information.

Academic Requirements within the Graduate General Regulations

All graduate students must satisfy the academic requirements that are specified in the Graduate General Regulations, as well as the specific requirements for the program in which they are enrolled.