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Post Baccalaureate Diploma

This program is for those who have completed a degree.

Program Requirements

Successful completion of approved 30-32 units of upper division or graduate courses (normally eight four-unit courses numbered 300 or above) is required. Courses are selected in consultation with an undergrad CMNS advisor. At least five of the upper division courses (20 units) must be in communication; the remaining 10-12 units could be in related disciplines, such as sociology, gerontology, history, English, sustainable community development, women’s studies, etc.

Some other lower division courses may be required in preparation for the advanced courses. For example, a student who has a bachelor of arts degree in an area not related to communication would be encouraged to complete at least CMNS 110 and/or 130 before enrolling in any of the 300 and 400 division CMNS courses.

Students should consult with an advisor when choosing courses to determine if they need to complete the prerequisites, or if these can be waived and by whom (e.g. the course instructor).